What has to change in Germany?

Where there is still a lot to do is with tokens, which are regarded as securities: I don’t even mind the prospectus requirement, which protects no one except the income of the lawyers who write them, but above all the video identification. We need smarter regulation and by that I don’t mean less regulation. On the whole, it is imperative that there be more international cooperation on regulation, otherwise sensible rules will simply be undermined. This will also help the industry, because we must be able to say with confidence that no dirty money will get into the projects.

Will this not prompt the news spy projects to look for new ways to escape regulation?

There will always be, but it is not particularly advisable. Recently, we have seen a wave of delistings at the news spy Exchanges from Tokens, who at that time did without the news spy. That’s hard, of course, because retroactively you can’t do that anymore. Apart from that, it’s also bullshit to raise so much money and then later have the regulatory authorities on your hands or not get the money, because every bank doesn’t touch it with pincers. There are some in the scene who have to struggle with it, they prefer not to tell it publicly.

There are now some Bitcoin secret platforms. What distinguishes you from others?

First of all, that we made a successful Bitcoin secret token launch at all. With Bitcoin secret the dimensions were of course quite big: 40,000 registrations from 166 countries, the infrastructure had to endure that for the time being. But the feedback was positive throughout, the community liked it.

But of course there is more: We want to make the token launches fun and easy. This also means that we have API connections to the outside world, for example for good customer service or to support marketing. But the most important thing is internationality: Token launches are an international phenomenon and if you only address the European market, you leave a lot of potential on the table.