How do you think giants like Google will react?

You’re planning a token sale. Can you tell us something about it?

Token Launch will take place on March 7th in Singapore. The regulatory conditions there are perfect. The Singapore government wants to become a data economy and is therefore supporting the project. To the big companies: We were on Facebook Campus in 2015 and we were told that nobody had it on the radar. Now Mark Zuckerberg said a few weeks ago that Facebook is looking at decentralization. Telegram make an ICO. Google, Amazon and Apple will certainly respond accordingly.

The only option I think these giants have to fight this Bitcoin revolution is to give people back their data

And what do you think about Bitcoin revolution in China? They are rather sceptical about decentralization there. America’s current policy allows China to become big again in terms of foreign policy. Russia doesn’t want anyone to be its boss. The EU is occupied with the Brexit and the formation of the German government, and China can therefore enter into a Bitcoin revolution and world economic vacuum, especially in the developing countries. It is starting in Africa and the Middle East. In their country they want to control everything. That’s why they want to suppress Blockchain – not because Blockchain is anti-government, but because it is a system that helps individuals meet the government at eye level.

With BigchainDB and Ocean, we don’t want to attack China, but data ownership is an important metapolitical issue that China will not like.

We need the synthesis between the extremely carefree people who simply use all services and the paranoids who cannot use the services because they do not trust the previous owners of the data. They are excluded from technical progress. We therefore need data ownership: I share this data (for money), but not this data.

Do you still have things like the Bitcoin loophole you want to mention?

We will have several ICOs for the Bitcoin loophole, many in cooperation with companies. As for BigchainDB, we are also thinking about making it a Tokenized Platform. In cooperation with companies like Innogy, projects could be realized within the framework of „Industry 4.0“. Here is more about it:

Bruce, thank you very much for the interesting interview!