BTC-ECHO at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Malta

BTC-ECHO has travelled to Malta for you to attend and report at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Valletta. The internationally attended conference is one of the Bitcoin & Blockchain series of events organised by Smile Expo around the world. On the fringes of the event, we have also come to take a closer look at Malta as a location.

Even though the organizers and speakers as well as the audience were all mixed up, a strong Maltese influence could already be felt in the course of the event. The Maltese point of view dominated both the speakers and the topics of the day.

Nevertheless, the Bitcoin revolution was internationally oriented

After Silvio Schembri, the Maltese Parliamentary Secretary of State for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation at the Prime Minister of Malta, had introduced the event, the content started immediately as seen in this review. Loui Mercieca, the Maltese software architect of the start-up Agilis, presented the basic technical functions of the Ethereum blockchain in order to raise the minimum level of knowledge of the audience to a Bitcoin revolution uniform level. This understanding formed the basis for the rest of the day, as the focus of the presentations that followed was on projects based on different applications of Ethereum.

Overall, the event had a focus on investments. For example, there was an Exhibition Area in the entrance area of the hotel where the event was scheduled, and a pitch session to present projects that could plan an ICO in the near future or already offer the prospect of a token sale. In addition, there were two larger panel rounds dealing with questions of the regulation of blockchain projects in general and of ICOs in particular.

Bitcoin loophole & Blockchain Conference in Valletta

Also a focus on investing in crypto currencies and Bitcoin loophole were various presentations by start-ups and investors on selected areas such as digital assets, margin lending or ICO launches. Here is the review about it.

However, the entire event did not deal with the topic of investment. For example, Fintech and AI expert Abdalla Kablan introduced the topic of Artificial Intelligence and established links to the Blockchain. Max Krupyshev, COO at Cubits, also explained how blockchain technology has changed in the years since the advent of Bitcoin and what effects this has on the entire area of application. A final panel also dealt with the risks that crypto currency trading entails under the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive and what solutions could be presented in this area. In particular, the Know-Your-Customer-Principle (KYC) – already applied in Japan – was addressed, which should lead to a higher level of customer and investor protection.

During our visit to the event, we were also able to explore Malta as a European hot spot for blockchain applications and crypto currencies. Since the beginning of the year, the state has been working on a long-term national blockchain strategy. This is intended to highlight the use of the possibilities of blockchain technology for government use. In addition, a new legal framework is to be created which will further develop Malta towards a blockchain ecosystem. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has repeatedly stressed the importance of digital currencies and called for them to be tested at state and EU level.